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iOS 14.1 and above

how to framergram 

Download the app from the App Store. It's free.


Tap on a few of the frames. You will see them update in the main view.

tap gesture web 1_edited.png

A single tap sets the front frame.

tap tap gesture web 1_edited.png

A double tap adds or removes the back frame.

Take a minute to get the knack of this.  Once you have it you can make thousands of frame combinations.

photo picker web 1_edited.png

 Tap the camera icon at the top right of the screen. It will bring up a sheet of your photos. Choose a photo and you will see it load into the main screen.

pinch zoom web 1_edited.png

Use Drag, Pinch and Zoom editing to  put your photo in the best spot for framing.

 When you are happy with both the frame and the photo tap on the save button at the top right of the screen. It will give you a full sharing menu. Save the framed image to your photos or share as you choose.

Need more HELP?

Send us a support request: subject line FRAMERGRAM 

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