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rgbDesigner for iPad


Use colours and gradients to make images from the clean to the complex.

Over thirty image generators, each with multiple settings, combined with as many gradients as you can possibly create.

Framergram Icon 1024.png
Framergram for iPhone and iPad


Framergram delivers a pretty range of frames you can use to enhance your photos. Import a photo, add a frame and share direct to your social media sites plus save, print etc. Single tap for feature frames and double tap to set frames as a 'mat'.  Lots of combinations keeps it interesting and it's great for pictures of your dog (see Rex model) Framergram saves your framed images in an instagram friendly 1080 square.

It's FREE!

rgbDesigner Silhouettes Stickers for iMessage


Inspired by paper cut illustrations from last century, and combined with beautiful digital colourfield images made with our rgbDesigner app, these elegant stickers will enhance and enrich your digital life.


Thirty six ways to amuse and delight your friends, including four animated stickers.


Always choose beauty.

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