We are a creative family from Tasmania. We make iOS software, art, video and music.  For fun, we like prickle farming, pets and fishing.

Framergram for iPhone and iPad.

Framergram delivers a pretty range of frames you can use to enhance your photos. Import a photo, add a frame and share direct to your social media sites plus save, print etc. Single tap for feature frames and double tap to set frames as a 'mat'.  Lots of combinations keeps it interesting and it's great for pictures of your dog (see Rex model) Framergram saves your framed images in an instagram friendly 1080 square.

Also, it's free. 


Framergram lets you:

  • Zoom and pan your images

  • Set a frame and mat

  • Import photos from your camera roll

  • Share directly to iMessage and Instagram


Need some help? Get in Touch with support.

Stickerbooks for iMessage on iPhone and iPad.

Our stickerbooks are awesome!


rgbDesigner Lollybag

 All our favourite stickers from the gowtywood range. Just like a bag of your favourite mixed candy it's full of colour, flavour and variety.  Contains some animated stickers from our Live pack, a selection of rgbDesigner Frames and a few backgrounds so you can build your own sticker landscapes. Also, our go to stickers from the rgbDesigner Skulls and rgbDesigner Silhouettes packs. 54 fabulous stickers.

rgbDesigner Silhouette

Inspired by paper cut illustrations from last century, and combined with beautiful digital colourfield images made with our rgbDesigner app, these elegant stickers will enhance and enrich your digital life. Thirty six ways to amuse and delight your friends, including four animated stickers. Always choose beauty.

rgbDesigner Live

Bring your iMessages to life with this cheerful mash up of animated stickers. This collection includes animations from our rgbDesigner Stickerbook, Skulls and Silhouette apps plus some adorable 'Pink & Blue' animations from an up and coming project and a very nice retro daisy set. Pretty much everyone needs to see a dancing blue bear. 21 Stickers.

rgbDesigner Skulls

Cute collection of skull stickers made with our rgbDesigner digital art tool. Some animated stickers included. For pirates.


A handy modesty tool since the

dawn of media, these jaunty

figleaf stickers are the perfect

antidote to today's oversharing


Made with our wonderful

colour synth rgbDesigner,

these witty stickers can be used to

keep things 'nice' or just enjoyed

for their decorative value.

30 great stickers ranging from

tasteful through to out and

out trash, these are a  must

have for the modern person. 

rgbDesigner Stickerbook

Gowtywood productions is delighted to bring you this pretty sticker book, made with images from our fabulous colour synth rgbDesigner. Includes hearts, butterflies and stars.

50 colourful stickers.

rgbDesigner Frames

Add interest and focus to your photos and stickers with rgbDesigner Frames. This sticker book contains 36 interesting and attractive frames. Great for selfies, group shots and weddings etc. Showcase your home, your pets or your kids. Everything looks better with a frame.

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